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What is hypnosis and hypnotherapy?

It’s a common question, hypnosis and hypnotherapy what’s the difference?

Hypnosis is a trance like state in which the mind processes and learns more effectively than normal. Most people can enter hypnosis if they are willing. The depth of hypnotic trance may vary from person to person and session to session. Hypnosis and hypnotherapy are intimately related in that a state of hypnosis is required for hypnotherapy to work to its full potential.

What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a combination of hypnosis with therapies. Each approach is tailored to fit the individual, using their way of thinking and seeing the world to produce the best results in the shortest time. The hypnotherapist looks to balance the individual’s needs, with the best evidence-based approaches.

Hypnosis and hypnotherapy – Will I be under the hypnotherapists control?

No.  Most people feel that they could do whatever they wanted to when in hypnosis, they could open their eyes, they could move. They simply choose not to because they are comfortable and relaxed.

Hypnotherapy – how many sessions?

This is a very difficult question because the human mind is a complex thing. However, there are trends which I use as a guide. For example a  smoking cessation is single session intervention, most simple phobias (such as arachnophobia) respond in 4 sessions, for everything else I suggest 6 sessions with a few things reliably taking longer (Health & Social phobias for example). Nothing can be guaranteed with the human mind, but most of the people I see are for six sessions or less.


What is a hypnotherapy session like?