The Lamont scale of Vaginisimus

Lamont developed a graded scale to classify Vaginismus.(in Pacik 2011)  the scale is based upon response to a genealogical examination, however it may still be useful to those wishing to get some idea of the severity of their vaginisimus.

Grade 1 – The patient has noted tight vaginal muscles, but is able to relax enough with coaxing to have a gynaecologic examination.

Grade 2 – The muscles are tight, the patient is unable to relax, but an examination is still possible

Grade 3 – The patient lifts her buttocks to avoid examination.

Grade 4 – The patient elevates her buttocks, retracts and adducts her thighs to avoid examination.

A grade 5 has been discussed (Pacik 2011) in which visceral expressions and responses; such as crying, shacking, trembling, hyperventilation, vomiting.  Examination may become impossible.

References – The Lamont scale of Vaginisimus

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