3 changes which can help with pornography addiction

I have worked with pornography addiction for many years now, and I have identified a few simple changes that can really help.  None of them is likely to wipe the problem away by itself but they will help limit it. Equally not all of them will work for any one person, but they can be a starting point to prompt a discussion about what they can do.

3 Behaviours to adopt to limit the effects of pornography addiction

1) Fasterbation

For many people with  a pornography addiction a major part of the problem is the amount of time spent viewing. Many addicts will spend hours online. Often underlying this behaviour is a desire to find fresh stimulation or to find an ideal image. In most cases a simple behaviour change is to decide in advance how long to spend viewing, or how much.  A typical target might be;

  • To orgasm within ten minutes
  • On the second video viewed.
Even if the number of masturbatory events per day remain the same the overall time spent tends to decline.
2) Dumb phone
Since the introduction of the smart phone it has become the most common medium for pornography addiction. The smart phone is convenient, with fast streaming full colour video and sound, the perfect porn delivery system.  So consider down grading. The older style mobile with a small text-only screen is perfectly good for most peoples use and it simply doesn’t offer the same temptations. In the same spirit, keeping computers in public areas of the home can help limit behaviours.

3) Synchronised sleep

For a lot of the Pornography addiction patients I see the main motivation for coming is their partner, often their partner will be sick of their porn use because they find it offensive or because they feel that they are being forgotten. Someone who is committed to making a change can endeavour to get more in tune with their partners daily rhythm, such as ;

  • Getting up in the morning with them.
  • Watching TV with them.
  • Eating meals together.
  • Going to bed with them at night.
This will both improve the relationship and reduce the time available to view porn.
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Author – Matt Krouwel a hypnotherapist working in Birmingham, UK . He specialises in male sexual issues.