Ever wanted to know how many people use hypnotherapy?

A while back I researched and wrote  an article for the British Society of Clinical Hypnosis (BSCH) addressing the question of how many people see a hypnotherapist. This was inspired by my research into the public’s attitude towards hypnotherapy. It was a question which had been on the agenda of that project but never quite happened, so I went off an looked into it myself.

To give you the brief answer about 1 in every 18 people had used hypnotherapy in the western world, which surprised me at how high it was. To put this in context, of the people I spoke to for the in-depth interviews regarding hypnotherapy for IBS, 2 of the 18 had used hypnotherapy at some point in their lives (none had used it for their IBS). Although an imperfect sample it is nearly double the average.

Please remember that this is not a fully peer reviewed paper  just a little research project I did on the side. At some point I may revisit it for a full systematic review because no one has yet done that .  I do however believe that it is the best information on this topic currently available.

Take a look – How many people use hypnotherapy?  or cut and paste –  http://www.bsch.org.uk/hypnotherapyusage.html

how many people use hypnotherapy

The author – Matt Krouwel is a hypnotherapist specialising in treating Anxiety, psychosexual disorders such as Erectile disorder (ED) and is a post graduate researcher into hypnotherapy for IBS at the University of Birmingham (UK)