Considering hypnosis for smoking?

Are you considering hypnosis for smoking if so there may be a couple of things you want to know first. In this blog we are going to look at the issue of what to expect from hypnosis for smoking.

Hypnosis for smoking

Broadly hypnotherapy can be said to be the use of a hypnotic trance in combination with suggestions, imagery and techniques from psychotherapy to create change. When using hypnosis for smoking a hypnotherapists is likely to use all of these, so let’s examine these elements one at a time.

Hypnosis for smoking – The hypnotic state

Every hypnotist has their own style and preferences when it comes to inducing the state of trance from the short and direct to the slow and gentle. Most Hypnotists will tailor their choice to the person presenting to them, recognising that for many this is their first experience of hypnosis and as such some will be apprehensive, some excited and others curious. Following the principle of ‘informed consent’ you are likely to be offered a chance to ask questions.

The hypnotic trance for most people will not be quite what you expect, many people describe it as relaxing. Generally you will be;

  1. Aware of what is being said to you and vaguely aware of what is going on around you.
  2. Able to move if you choose, but probably you will be so relaxed that you do not want to.
  3. Able to recall most of what was said when you were in the hypnotic state.

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Hypnosis for smoking – The use of suggestions & imagery

Once in a hypnotic state the hypnotist is likely to deliver some suggestions to help you become a non-smokier. Hypnotic suggestions for hypnosis for smoking are new ways of thinking. Your mind is going to learn more rapidly in the hypnotic state, so these suggestions become a part of you. Typically suggestion could be;

  • “You have no desire to smoke.”
  • “You have left smoking in the past.”
  •  “With every day which goes by you will find you simply forget about smoking for longer and longer periods of time.”

Imagery used is often motivational. The hypnotherapist may invite you to imagine all the benefits you are enjoying as a non-smoke. Typical examples might include;

  • See the money you save building up.
  • Imagine the holiday it will pay for.
  • See yourself enjoying your new found health.
  • Imagining being around (i.e. still alive) to see grand children or great grand children.
Hypnosis for smoking – psychotherapy approaches

A number of approaches from psychotherapy have been incorporated into approaches to hypnosis for smoking over the years. Many of these are out of favour today, although many hypnotherapists will use them as a small part of the therapy.

Aversion therapy – This is the combination of an unpleasant stimulus with the unwanted behaviour. Some hypnotists used to transform the taste of the cigarettes into something unpleasant, but this had limited success.

Psycho dynamic exploration – This is looking at the root cause of the smoking behaviour and may include regression to early smoking experiences. Again this is currently out of favour as it is often seen as a slow way to approach the problem. However it is likely that you will spend a little time discussing it prior to entering hypnosis

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The author – Matt Krouwel is a hypnotherapists in Birmingham with 16 years experience, an international reputation and a lot of experience using hypnosis for smoking.